Using Citrix ShareFile Portal for Improved Collaboration and Data Security

Citrix ShareFile Portal

Discover a more efficient way to meet the needs of employees working in hybrid mode with the Citrix ShareFile Portal. No matter how many remote employees your company has, the digital workplace model for working from anywhere can ensure smooth and efficient individual and collaborative work. In addition, it gives the IT department a safer, more efficient and functional way to provide the necessary resources to employees compared to outdated traditional technologies.

Citrix digital workplace solutions enable companies to securely deliver the applications and data that employees need to be as productive as possible, regardless of their location and devices used.

Create the perfect Workplace solution with Citrix

When it comes to meeting the needs of employees working in hybrid mode, there is much more at stake than just delivering applications and data. You need to offer a digital workplace that provides scope for innovation and engagement. It is needed not so much to give freedom of choice to remote employees or distributed groups, but to provide employees with everything necessary for optimal performance of work every day, regardless of location, as well as the device or network used. Therefore, Citrix digital workplace solutions guarantee the choice and flexibility that companies need to provide a smarter way of working.

1. Your workplaces may not be inferior to your employees in flexibility

Flexible employees need an adaptive digital workplace. Citrix DaaS is the fastest and easiest way to deliver applications and desktops on-demand from any cloud or data center anywhere in the world. High productivity, ease of management and profitability are the essential characteristics of this solution.

2. App delivery doesn’t have to be complicated

When it comes to app delivery, simpler means better. Users need you to constantly ensure the smooth operation of all their applications. And you will be able to achieve this through our automated adaptive self-healing application delivery service.

3. Strengthen security and increase efficiency at the same time

If you opt for a modern cloud-based network access solution based on the Zero Trust (ZTNA) model, you will not have to compromise. Offer employees secure access to all applications, regardless of the device, so that they can work the way they like, and at the same time simplify the management of the environment.

4. Collaboration where everyone is already working

Checks, approvals, confirmations, compliance with requirements — all this implies the transfer of large amounts of data. Citrix Content Collaboration solutions give you the opportunity to decide for yourself where this data will be located. Due to a single access point to all resources, workflows will become simple for everyone.

See what you can achieve with Citrix Digital Workplace solutions:

1. Modernization of the IT department

  • DaaS Deployment

Simplify the delivery of applications and desktops through proven workplace-as-a-service solutions

  • Simplify application delivery in a hybrid cloud

Optimize application delivery on any network or cloud

  • Data center modernization

Maximize the use of all available infrastructure when moving to the cloud

2. Modernization of IT security in your company

The modern approach to security involves protecting applications and data and at the same time increasing efficiency.

  • VPN Alternative

The Zero Trust model can prevent attacks at the network level and provide distributed employees with everything they need

  • Application and API protection

A consistent security system provides comprehensive protection for your applications and APIs

  • Improving efficiency by enabling remote work

Scalable workplace solutions make it easier to support secure, flexible work

  • Collaborate with anyone within a secure unified workplace

A flexible solution for collaboration on content that allows your employees to collaborate safely and improves the quality of customer service

  • Optimization of document flow and electronic signature processes

Transition to digital workflows, including where signatures are needed, to ensure automation within a simple and secure solution